Emotional Infidelity Leads Wife To Compete With Centerfold Model


emotional infidelity

emotional infidelity

Yes, my friend, watching pornography is at a minimum, emotional infidelity, but as I see it, all-out adultery.

Your husband’s heart is lusting after other women and Jesus calls that adultery.  A rejected wife knows exactly how much chaos and confusion adultery causes in her own heart.

Once I learned of my husband’s pornography obsession, I was filled with negative thoughts that led me to doubt myself.

  • “If I lost 10 pounds he might be more attracted to me.”

  • “If only I could afford breast augmentation, his eyes would be fixed on me.”

  • “If I knew what they did in those porn movies, maybe I could learn a few ways to please him better.”

In the midst of it all, I lost sight of who really had the problem.  I was trying to fit myself into a sinful mold in hopes of winning back my husband’s heart.

The sense of rejection was overwhelming me and I was losing control of every aspect of life, including sound thinking.

My emotions were on a roller coaster ride that ranged from blaming myself one day, to raging with fury and wanting revenge the next day.

There are no words to define the wounds carved into the heart of a betrayed wife.

I’ve been there.  I know exactly how you feel.

You wonder why you aren’t “good enough.”

You want your husband to “cherish” you, NOT “consume” you.

You crave true intimacy with your husband but wonder who he was really thinking about the last time you had sex together.

Are you tempted to take extreme measures to win your husband’s devotion but going about it the wrong way?

You’re not the only one!  Women are typically willing to sacrifice a great deal to please their husbands and maintain their marriage.  But when you put your husband’s perverted sexual desires above God’s desire for purity, you will suffer.

God has a better way.  You are not the reason your husband seeks pornography.  God’s Word reveals why your husband seeks porn AND the measures you should take against it.

Take action now.  Learn how you can overcome rejection and restore self-respect after pornography strikes against your marriage.