intimacy christian marriage infidelity

Restoring Intimacy After Infidelity

intimacy christian marriage infidelity

Are you still struggling to restore intimacy after infidelity?

Are you able to look at your “cheating” spouse as just your “spouse”?

Once you’ve moved through the confrontation, confession and repentance period, the restoration period is the next necessary step.

Restoring intimacy is often just as difficult as the previous stages of infidelity.

For some people, this is actually the hardest stage.

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virtual infidelity christian marriage

Is Virtual Infidelity Grounds for Divorce?

virtual infidelity christian marriage

Is virtual infidelity grounds for divorce?

Cyber-sex, sexting, lurid Facebook messages, and other forms of virtual infidelity are becoming increasingly prevalent in Family Law. With vastly improved computer graphics and enhanced reality, the real world and the virtual world are becoming increasingly blurred.

While people may think their online indiscretions are harmless or “don’t count,” the consequences of their behavior are very real.

No doubt virtual infidelity will become an increasingly important issue in many divorces in the future.
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your christian husband is using pornograpghy

Warning Signs of Sexual Addiction

your christian husband is using pornograpghy
Are there visible warning signs that your spouse may have a sexual addiction?

A person ensnared by alcohol, gambling, and drug addictions is fairly easily seen by family members and close friends; however, because of the availability, anonymity, and affordability that the internet provides, sexual addiction is often hidden in the shadows for long periods of time, often for years and decades.

Discovery may come as a moment of “surprise” to the addict and the discoverer alike (most often a spouse or child), through revelations of “odd” numbers or charges from phone records or hotel bills, or by the addict being caught in a sting by law enforcement.

Sexual Addiction
: A Modern Plague | Inklings and Wonderings

Whether man or woman, adult or child, non-Christian or Christian, sexual addiction is ravaging all people groups in American culture today.

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My husband was arrested while on the job.  I learned of his pornography obsession when undercover cops showed up at my door with a search warrant in the middle of the afternoon.

Were there warning signs I failed to recognize?

Warning signs of sexual addiction may include:
  •     Unexplained or increased secrecy or distance in a relationship.
  •     Changes in the sexual relationship (increase or decrease in desire).
  •     Increased time spent on the computer. Staying up late to “play computer games”.
  •     Unexplained decrease in productivity in regular activities. Irritability, lack of concentration, anxiety, or depression.

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