After Infidelity

Where Do You Turn After Infidelity?

After InfidelityInfidelity will cause you to feel a lot of turbulent emotions.  Holding them all inside can be dangerous, but who can you confide in?  Before talking to your friends and family, you should think twice.

Although you need a support system to help you through this difficult time in your life, choose wisely.  You might have a best friend but how much detail should you share?  Or perhaps you’ve always been close to your family and turn to them for everything.  But whether you think you’re likely to reconcile with your spouse or not, I recommend you avoid telling too many details, to your best friend, your family or anybody else.

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surviving infidelity

Surviving Infidelity

Is it really possible to overcome all the negative effects of an affair? Is there any real hope for surviving infidelity? I believe there is, but only if you are committed to facing the problems head on.

surviving infidelity

If you were the first person to arrive on the scene of an auto accident, you would immediately call the paramedics. You might try to help but you don’t know the first thing about first aid. The EMTs show up and begin the tasks involved to stabilize the victims. Then, they would rush them to the emergency room where more highly trained doctors would treat them.

Most people’s first response to infidelity is finding a divorce lawyer. The sad truth is, their reasoning had not yet stabilized before taking that step. Their emotions ruled and they made a hasty decision they would later regret.

When a marriage has been disrupted with infidelity, all victims need to get stabilized before seeing any other specialists (i.e., well-intentioned friends, advice columns, lawyers).

If not dealt with and diagnosed early, emotions will constantly make your decisions for you. You may want to consider reconciliation after infidelity, but what do you do with the hard feelings, the bad memories and the broken heart?

You need healing first. And before you can heal, you must have hope.

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