God Cares How Pornography Affects You

Jesus Cares How Pornography Affects You

The undercover cops had just revealed my husband’s illegal use of Internet pornography and as my husband was being hauled off to jail, I slunk to the bathroom and tried to hold back the revulsion.

I soon began to heave uncontrollably with a combination of disgust and fear that cannot be defined. My body detested this news and could not contain the repugnance.

My body was suffering from shock.

My heart was tormented with terror.

I was stricken with such deep distress and I was too surprised to be outraged. I had never felt so betrayed or alone in my life. My mind could not settle on the reality of the situation. 

How could my husband be guilty of such a crime?

How had he kept this a secret?

How was I so easily deceived?

Why had God permitted this?

Where was God now?

How did God expect me deal with legal issues and care for my children when my body was sick, my heart was broken and my thoughts were twisted?

To be abandoned by my spouse was one thing. But I was alarmed to think that God had deserted me.

There was only one way I could overcome that panicky reaction. I needed a healthy dose of truth to calm my fears and focus my heart on the certainty of God.

Whether your situation is as sickening as mine was or not, the promises of God can help you realize how weak you are and how capable God is, in EVERY circumstance.

You cannot lose sight of the only One who can help you. He’s waiting to meet with you now and I’m giving you the compass to point you in His direction.

I prepared a little guide you can use to help calm your anxious heart.


Print it out, cut it up, memorize it, pray with it, journal your reflections, whatever you need.

And feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit.

If you find comfort through it, please come back and leave me a comment. I welcome your feedback!



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About Jennifer Wilson

Jenny Wilson is passionately devoted to guiding broken-hearted victims of betrayal to true and lasting forgiveness and meaningful reconciliation. She helps Christian wives overcome negative spiritual and emotional effects of infidelity so they can walk in truth and go beyond coping to victorious living.


  1. Thank you for the prayer guide. I have dealt with the pornography but never the hauled off to jail part – I can’t imagine what that experience must have been like for you. Thank you for commenting on my blog today!

  2. Sending out a thank you to you…. The prayer guide is a great help..

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