4,236,001 Reasons To Fight Pornography

How many reasons do you need before you will do something to fight pornography?

According to statistical data from the 2010 US Census, there were 2,118,000 marriages, which translates to 4,236,000 spouses.

That is over 4 MILLION married people.  It’s hard to fathom such a large number so instead, I’m asking you to consider just ONE.

If only one person’s life would be destroyed by pornography, is that reason enough to fight against it?

What if that one person is YOU?

That 4 million figure does not even begin to consider the next generation…my kids, your grand-kids, etc.

Watch the video and take a quick look back in history about the ways society is changed by pornography.

  • 0:28 Learn how individual choices can define an entire generation and eventually effect the entire world.
  • 0:47 See what happened 2 generations ago that led pornography to become so accepted in society.
  • 1:14 In 1993 something major happened which flooded the world with pornography.
  • 1:35 Discover what new research is showing regarding the effects of pornography.
  • 2:00 See what youth all across the country are doing to fight back!

What are YOU going to do to fight pornography?  Tell me in the comments area below.

About Jennifer Wilson

Jenny Wilson is passionately devoted to guiding broken-hearted victims of betrayal to true and lasting forgiveness and meaningful reconciliation. She helps Christian wives overcome negative spiritual and emotional effects of infidelity so they can walk in truth and go beyond coping to victorious living.

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