Pornography Leads To Infidelity

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Psychology Today, a secular magazine, confirmed what Christians have known for a long time: pornography leads to infidelity.

 A team of researchers at Florida State University developed an experiment to determine how consuming pornography affects adults’ commitment to romantic relationships. [Read more...]

Pornography Statistics: 29% of Americans Say It’s OK to Watch Porn

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According to data from the Public Religion Research Institute, only 29 percent of Americans think watching porn is morally acceptable. [Read more...]

Pastor Warns Church That Pornography Is #1 Problem

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Author, Pastor and Chairman at Insight for Living, Chuck Swindoll, submits an open letter warning Christians about the #1 Secret Problem in the Church today: Pornography!

Here’s an excerpt from his letter:

“Our churches are in significant trouble.  [Read more...]

Virtual Infidelity At Work

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More and more people are involved in virtual infidelity than ever before.

In fact, the “job” may be a very safe place for them to conduct their “affairs.”

By their calculations, Victoria Milan estimated that online affairs conducted on company time waste roughly $17 million per day.

“It seems that, based on our latest survey, many of our members connect with each other during work hours to spice up their life” said Sigurd Vedal founder of Victoria Milan. “We just hope they do it while they are on break, because if not, companies may be losing a lot of money.”

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According to the above statement, do you think the author of that article is more concerned about the economy or a person’s integrity?  It only makes sense that if a person cheats on their spouse, they’ll cheat elsewhere.


How Pornography Robs A Man Of His Humanity

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Every man must make a deliberate decision about his manhood, how it affects himself, his wife, his marriage, and above all, his God.

If your husband has made the decision to view pornography, he has willingly invited a deadly cancer into his soul.

His perverted will acts in defiance against a holy, loving God and unless he repents, his misery will be fulfilled on Judgement Day.

Harsh words? [Read more...]

The One Reason You Can’t Find Healing After Infidelity

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One of the biggest reasons people fail to recover and find healing after infidelity is to lose sight of God.

It took me a long time to overcome my hurts and find true and lasting healing because I wouldn’t listen to truth.

After I discovered my husband’s obsession with pornography, I thought I could use logic and justice to make sense of my world. [Read more...]